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Gloire au héros du Cataclysme

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Glory of the Cataclysm Hero Monster Guide by Exul

Just a warning that this is a very long and hopefully insightful guide. It isn’t designed to be read as a whole, but to be referred to for specific achievements as you go for your drake.
While this has been made to be entered in mmo-champions guide contest, it is first and foremost a guide and there to help. So if there are any questions, corrections or clarifications to be made – feel free.
I also apologize in advance for the lack of pictures/links to wowhead - it was my intention to include them. I created an account purely to upload this guide and if I tried to get however many posts I need in a few hours before entries closed I would probably be banned.

Other than that, I hope you find this helpful and good luck in getting your drake - no matter how buggy it may be.

Blackrock Caverns 

Crushing Bones and Cracking Skulls 

Achievement: Kill 10 Angered Earth Elementals with Rom’ogg Bonecrusher’s Skullcracker Ability.
Difficulty: 1

Angered Earth Elementals are spawned in groups of five after the boss casts “Quake” - his dust cloud AoE.
“Skullcracker” is the huge AoE the boss casts after Chains of Woe.

Which strategy to use depends on your group composition, having a Frost Death Knight, Mage, Protection Warrior, Destruction Warlock or Protection Paladin with Glyph of Holy Wrath will make this achievement considerably easier, if you have one of these classes follow Strategy 1 – if you don’t have any of these in your group, follow Strategy 2.

Strategy 1:
Frost Death Knight – Hungering Cold
Mage – Frost Nova or Ring of Frost
Protection Warrior – Shockwave
Desctruction Warlock – Shadowfury
Protection Paladin – Holy Wrath

Have your tank pick up the adds as soon as they spawn (after the boss casts Quake), DPS stay on the boss.
When the boss casts Chains of Woe, break out of it normally and have the class mentioned above use the ability listed above to hold the adds in place. For example your Mage using Frost Nova.
Exactly five seconds after you have broken out of the chains, the boss will cast Skullcracker and kill any adds around him.
Note that some of the abilities above, such as Shadowfury, don’t last the full five seconds, but used intelligently the adds shouldn’t be able to get a safe distance from the boss.

Strategy 2:
Whilst being harder, this is still a very easy achievement if your tank is reasonably geared.
Have your tank pick up the adds as soon as they spawn (after the boss casts Quake), DPS stay on the boss.
When the boss casts Chains of Woe, break out of it normally and have the tank stay on the boss. Cooldowns are highly recommended.
Exactly five seconds after you have broken out of the chains, the boss will cast Skullcracker and kill any adds around him and hit the tank for 95000 to 105000 Shadow Damage before resistances.

Notes: This process, be it Strategy 1 or 2, must be repeated twice to get credit for 10 kills – however the achievement will not be granted until the boss is dead.
This is an easy achievement and could be considered a gear-check for other heroic achievements.

Arrested Development 

Achievement: Defeat all 3 evolved Twilight Zealots followed by the boss.
Difficulty: 5

Corla, Herald of Twilight is the main boss.
Twilight Zealots are the adds which evolve into dragonkin.
Beams: Stacking debuff that if left to reach 100 stacks, will mind-control a player or evolve a Twilight Zealot. It will fall off after 20 seconds.

This is one of the hardest achievements for your drake, and I will detail the method we used and successfully one-shot the achievement. Our group composition was Blood Death Knight Tank, Feral Druid Off-Tank, Restoration Shaman Healer, Balance Druid DPS, Arcane Mage DPS.
The first thing your group needs to know is how to properly interrupt the beams that cause the Zealots to evolve – One player CAN interrupt a beam on his/her own. To correctly take a beam, stand in it until you reach ~80 stacks, then move out of the beam. After 20 seconds the debuff will fall off and you can hop back in. After another 20 seconds it is safe to move out without having the Twilight Zealot evolve (this is because the buff will fall off it after 20 seconds, just like it did off you).
Mark the adds from left to right as Star, X and Skull.
Have your less geared tank tank the boss where she stands.
If you have two ranged dps have them interrupt the beams to Star and X.
If you have only one ranged dps, have the ranged dps on Star’s beam and the melee on X’s beam.
If you have NO ranged dps this fight will be slightly harder, as the healer will have to take Star’s beam and a melee on the beam to X.

The Pull: Have the tank start the fight by agroing the boss and tanking her where she stands, then have your assigned beam players run to their respective beams while the Main Tank moves next to skull ready to pick it up.

Around 25 seconds into the fight the first Twilight Zealot (Skull) will evolve. As soon as any of these adds evolve they will cast a Shadow Strike against whoever has the highest threat, so the tank should taunt BEFORE the evolution.
These evolved adds hit VERY hard, even though our tank was well geared (6 epics at the time), he took a pummelling and the healer had a very rough time with mana. The Tank should pop his 3 minute cooldowns on this first add.
The add Tank should position the add to be faced away from the other adds, but within melee range if there is a melee dps taking one of the beams.

Once this add dies it is just a matter of repeating the process for the next two adds. However DO NOT leave a beam uninterrupted as soon as an add dies, wait for the healer to say they’re ready. After the third add dies, the boss itself is a push-over and the Off-tank shouldn’t have required much healing throughout the encounter at all.

Notes: Tank cooldowns are a definite yes for this fight and it is best to use the 3 min cooldowns on the first add, the shorter cooldowns on the second add (along with a form of Heroism/Bloodlust) and on the third add the tank should have some more cooldowns just coming off cooldown.
This is by no measure an easy achievement, our healer struggled and was OOM when we started the third add. While it IS doable, if you find your group struggling to complete this, post-pone this achievement until your team, especially your tank and healer, are in better gear.

Too Hot To Handle 

Achievement: Allow Karsh Steelbend to reach 15 stacks of Superheated Quicksilver Armor sometime during the fight.
Difficulty: 3

Superheated Quicksilver Armor: Increases damage taken by the boss, damaging the party with each new application. Allowing this buff to drop off will spawn adds.

The key to this achievement is patience, consistency and to NOT PANIC – with these abilities your party should have no trouble with this achievement.
Each new stack of the debuff put on the boss will increase his damage taken, however with each new application the party will get hit by an AoE – minimal at first but up around the 13 stack mark it really starts to hurt.
There isn’t much to say about this achievement to anyone except tanks, however DPS should stack to help the healers.
When you see the debuff get to ~4 seconds remaining, run directly through the fire to the other side, this should increase the boss’s stacks by 1-2. When you get up to around 10 stacks, be more careful, you can hold off to ~2 seconds if it takes that long for the healer to top everyone off. This is the most important part, if everyone is at near-max health, this achievement will be easy. Repeat this to 15 stacks, DO NOT go any higher. The boss should die before the stacks drop off, if he doesn’t die before it wears off, start again at 1, he should be so low that as long as the tank picks up the adds, they will be no problem.

Notes: The boss DOES NOT need to die with 15 stacks, he just needs to reach it during the fight.
This achievement depends on the tanks ability to manoeuvre the boss and the healers ability to keep everyone topped up. Again if your healer is struggling to keep up with the damage, leave this achievement until your group has better gear.

Ascendant Descending  

Achievement: Don’t let any player get 4 stacks of Crepuscular Veil during the Ascendant Lord Obsidius fight.
Difficulty: 1

Ascendant Lord Obsidius: The boss itself does nothing noteworthy other than switching places with one of his minions at 67% and 33%.
Shadow of Obsidius: There are three of these adds and anyone they hit in melee range they will put Crepuscular Veil on, multiple hits will cause it to stack.
Crepuscular Veil: Reduces healing taken by 24%, stacking. Can only be applied by the adds in melee range.

This achievement is very easy so long as you have a half-descent kiter. Unlike other achievements where you have to do something differently, this achievement is awarded for doing the fight normally without making a mistake kiting.
Assign a class with slows to kite, a Mage, Hunter or Frost Death Knight all work well.
The only part of this fight that may cause trouble for some groups is when the boss switches places with one of the adds. This switch takes a good five or so seconds, giving the Tank plenty of time to move away from what is now an add and taunt what is now the boss. Repeat a second time and this achievement will come easily.

Notes: If the tank is having trouble making it away from the add that was just the boss, get someone, not necessarily the kiter, to put a slow on that add.
If your group is having further trouble with this, have the tank in the centre of the room and have the kiter use a set circular path around the tank. This way the switch can be made seemless by the tank running out into the circle to grab the boss while the kiter throws some damage on the new add, pulling it back out into the circle. While the kiter does this the Tank can pull the boss back in.

Throne of the Tides 

Old Faithful  

Achievement: Kill one of the adds in the Lady Naz’jar fight with the Geyser AoE.
Difficulty: 2

Geyser: This is a huge blue circle that Lady Naz’jar summons on the ground, after 5 seconds it will hit everything standing in it for ~180k or so damage.
Naz’tar Tempest Witch: The “caster adds” have just over 230k health, and are the best add to kill for this achievement.

Proceed through the fight as normal, kill a caster add, then the melee add. This leaves you with one caster add and this is where the achievement starts.
DPS the remaining add to ~50% health.
WAIT for a NEW CLOSE GEYSER this is important as you don’t want to get killed positioning the add.
When a Geyser spawns close enough either Death Grip the add or Interrupt/Silence and kite it into the Geyser. Immediately put some form of Slow/Roots as the kiter will need to get out ASAP without the add following them. Once the add has been killed and you get the achievement, proceed through the fight as normal.

Notes: This is a very easy achievement – largely because you can completely stuff up everything but so long as the add dies, you will instantly get the achievement.

Prince of Tides  

Achievement: Defeat the Unyielding Behemoth after getting the buff during the Ozmuat fight.
Difficulty: 2

Unyielding Behemoth: This add only spawns once and is the biggest, does minor damage and a cone shadow damage attack.
Tidal Surge: This is the buff that the party gets at the start of Phase 2, increasing stats and size dramatically.

This is another easy achievement that just requires ignoring of the Unyielding Behemoth until the end of the fight.
The easiest way to do this is to have the tank pick up the add when he spawns and just kite him.
If the dps aren’t confident killing the other adds on their own, the tank can pick them up – the damage shouldn’t be heavy so long as no one gets hit by the Cone Attack.
When the three channelling adds spawn, just continue this phase as normal – the tank will kite the slugs along with the Unyielding Behemoth.
Once the players get the buff, the tank should be able to quickly dispatch everything he was kiting but the dps can help if need be.

Notes: Again, a very easy achievement – as long as your tank can kite reasonably well you should have no trouble.


Rotten to the Core  

Achievement: Kill the three groups of Devout Followers after starting the High Priestess Azil fight – within 10 seconds.
Difficulty: 1

Devout Follower: There are 3 groups of 20 of these before the boss, these are the 60 you need to kill. They have 16k health.
High Priestess Azil: The boss in this encounter, you do not need to kill her to get the achievement.

Bring some reliable AoE and this achievement will be a breeze.
The biggest problem people have been having with this achievement is killing the adds too soon.
DO NOT kill the adds before the boss lands or you won’t get credit.
To agro the boss without the groups will require a 40 yard range spell, engineering gloves are perfect.
When the boss is just past the highest point of her jump and starts descending, run in and agro the three groups. When she touches down nuke all the adds with everything you have – ignore the boss.
If you kill them quick enough you will get the achievement right there.
From here on you can either wipe it up and start the boss again or continue onto the boss with low mana/health – the achievement is done.

Notes: You will only have ONE SHOT at this achievement per run – however if you fail you can leave without killing the boss, and wait 30min, after which time all the trash will respawn.

Vortex Pinnacle 

Extra Credit Bonus Stage  

Achievement: Collect 5 Golden Orbs in Vortex Pinnacle.
Difficulty: 1

Golden Orb: Glowing Golden Orbs that appear throughout the instance and have no purpose other than the achievement. To collect them you MUST CLICK ON THEM.

This is not so much a Strategy as it is a guide to locations.
Hmm, I can't put in links or photos, so hopefully my directions are enough.

On the bridge before Altairus where the Orbs knock you back - there are two orbs off to the side. No speed increase is necessary to reach them.
Before pulling Altairus look up, there will be two Orbs high in the air next to two of the pillars. During the fight run into the Whirlwinds and you will be able to reach them - wiping on the boss will not reset the orbs as the boss has nothing to do with them.
You only need five but there are another two on the spiral ramp with the speed boost after Altairus. if you look over the side you will see one and further up the ramp - again off the side there is another.
There are more but these are the ones we've always used and therefore easiest for me to explain without pictures.

Notes: You MUST CLICK ON THEM not just jump through them.

No Static at All  

Achievement: Completely avoid the Static Cling effect during the Asaad fight.
Difficulty: 1

Static Cling: 1 sec cast, can be avoided by being in the air when the cast goes off.

There are two ways to do this achievement, three if you count a bug that may have been fixed by now.

Method 1: Levitate. If you have a priest in your group cast levitate on you before every static cling you will have no problem (falls off when you take damage). This is the easiest non-bugged way to do this, especially if you have bad latency.
Method 2: Jumping. This is the way you are suppose to do it, however for some people this will be unpredictable as the cast is only 1 second and with anything higher than 400ms you can have serious trouble jumping in time. However it is possible, I did it by jumping with 429ms.
Method 3: Dying. Now I would call it cheating, but it works and isn’t an exploit so I can list it here. If you are dead, you can’t get Static Cling cast on you, and therefore you completely avoid it...

Notes: This is an individual achievement – meaning not the entire group has to do it, you are responsible for your own achievement so to speak.

Lost City of Tol’vir 

Acrocalypse Now  

Achievement: Kill 20 Frenzied Crocolisks within 10 seconds during the Lockmaw fight.
Difficulty: 1

Frenzied Crocolisks: ~40k Health. Four are spawned at a time, two on each side of the diving road at different ends. They will have initial agro on whoever is given the “Scent of Blood” which will appear when they spawn. They have a nasty stacking bleed.
Scent of Blood: Generates agro on nearby Frenzied Crocolisks, will appear on a player when four Frenzied Crocolisks spawn.

There are two main strategies for this boss, one of them I thought was an abuse of mechanics but granted recent Patch Changes, it is clearly an intended way of facing the encounter.

Method 1:
On either side of the Boss area there is water, simply have your entire group swimming.
The Tank can pull the boss back until both are swimming, this WILL NOT cause the boss to reset however it will cause the adds to Evade, as they cannot swim.
DO NOT have any DPS on the boss, just sit back and count the amount of adds spawned.
The easiest way to do this is count the Scent of Blood buffs, each one signals 4 adds spawning – 2 on each side.
When 10 Scent of Blood buffs have been applied have the Tank pop cooldowns and everyone run onto land and stack up AoEing.
When the achievement pops everyone run back into the water and kill the boss.

Method 2:
This is considerably harder and more RNG based than the other method.
Have the Healer and Tank engage the boss while the DPS remain mounted.
Any adds that agro onto the Tank or Healer must be killed by the Tank, while the adds targeting the DPS need to be kited.
Once 20 Frenzied Crocolisks are chasing the DPS, stack up and AoE them down.
When the achievement pops just continue the boss fight as normal.

Notes: This achievement is granted as soon as the adds are killed, you don’t need to kill the boss.
With the first method, wait for 10 Scent of Blood buffs not 5 as there will be 20 Crocolisks on each side and you will kill all 20 before the other 20 even reach you.
While it seems a bit shifty, the first method is legit, a recent patch change even seems to encourage this method.

Kill It With Fire!  

Achievement: Defeat 3 Burning Soul Fragments in the High Prophet Barim fight.
Difficulty: 1

Soul Fragment: 77k Health. These are carbon copies of the party created individually during Phase 2 of the encounter. If they reach the Phoenix they increase it’s damage by 20%.
Burning Souls: When the Soul Fragments pass over the fire on the ground, they get a buff that makes them count towards the achievement.

This is a very basic achievement.
When Phase 2 starts have no DPS on the phoenix, and call out when you have a Soul Fragment spawn.
The Soul Fragment will walk towards the phoenix so the Tank should be able to get in a position that will make the Soul Fragment pass over the fire.
When the Soul Fragment hits the fire, nuke it down – it has very little health and needs to be killed within ~8 seconds of hitting the fire – this should be no problem at all.
Continue to do this until you are granted the achievement on the third kill – you can then continue the fight as normal.

Notes: If your group is having trouble killing the Soul Fragment in time, have a slow effect or root effect put on it so it will stay in the fire and have the buff re-applyed.
You do-not need to kill the boss for this achievement to be granted.

Headed South  

Achievement: Defeat Siamat with 3 Stacks of Lightning Charge.
Difficulty: 5

Lightning Charge: When a Servant of Siamat (melee add) reaches 1 health point, before it dies it will cast Lightning Charge, a 2 second cast AoE that will deal damage and put a 30 second debuff on every player within melee range.
Minion of Siamat: This is the smaller, ranged add - they will die unaided in the same time it takes for another to spawn. Also when one dies a storm will spawn where it died, doing AoE damage.
Servant of Siamat: The larger, melee add. It will cast quite heavy AoE spells. The third add to spawn will break the bosses shield when killed.

This is known unanimously as the hardest achievement and is incredibly intense on healers.
There are two strategies though I will explain a third that has been hot-fixed but is how many people you see now with their drakes managed to complete it.

This is an individual achievement, only the people with 3 stacks of Lightning Charge will receive the achievement when the boss dies.
To get 3 stacks of Lightning Charge a player must be within melee range of the adds when they die, and as each buff only lasts 30 seconds – all adds must be killed with 30 seconds of one another, and the boss within 30 seconds of the last add to die.
It is safest to try and get this achievement for only 1 or 2 players at a time.
When the boss is engaged there will be a few seconds before he puts up a 90% damage reduction shield. The boss cannot be tanked so it is best to pull him with some large ranged attacks for maximum damage pre-shield. The shield is removed when the THIRD ADD TO SPAWN is killed.
Spread Out, the ranged adds cast chain lightning.

Strategy 1:
This is the method we used successfully to get the achievement, so this is the one I recommend.
For those interested our group was Blood Death Knight Tank, Holy Paladin Healer, Feral Druid DPS, Balance Druid DPS, Arcane Mage DPS.

Ignore Ranged Adds when one dies another spawns, we found that if we killed them we had way too many storms to handle – they will die by themselves quick enough.
We had the Ranged DPS start the fight with their biggest hits, getting the boss to ~90% before the shield went up.
When the shield went up, DPS stayed on the boss while the tank picked up the first Servant of Siamat and marked it with a Star. The tank the kited the Star until the second Servant of Siamat spawned which we marked with a Cross.
The Tank then stopped kiting and brought both the Cross and Star down to ~40% health before continuing to kite.
When the last Servant of Siamat spawned it was marked with a Skull and DPS shifted to killing it.
When the Skull is ~30%, the people going for the achievement should be in melee range ready to get the buff.

As soon as Skull dies the shield will drop and this will be shortly followed by Siamat casting his big Wind Knockback. This is where it gets hard for the healer and the real fight begins.
When everything settles down the people going for the achievement will only have 10-15 seconds left on the debuff. This means that a little dps can be done to the boss but at ~7 seconds left on the debuff, the Cross needs to become the first priority and all DPS should shift to it. Again all people going for the achievement needs to be within melee range.
NOTE: The Cross needs to die with >2 seconds left on the debuff as it will take that long for it to cast the spell on death.

Now there should only be Star left alive and the debuff should be at 30 seconds again.
This is the time to pop your Heroism/Bloodlust and nuke the boss.
DPS should shift to Star when there is ~7 seconds left on the debuff again killing Star with >2 seconds left.
After Star dies, those going for the achievement should have three stacks of the debuff and if your healer has managed to keep all the dps up, you should have no trouble killing the boss with >20 seconds left on the debuff.

This is the strategy we used and it worked, so I recommend it above the following, we tried Strategy 2, however the healer said Strategy 1 was easier, though they both were incredibly intensive.

Strategy 2:

Read Strategy 1 first as it is a better method and I will assume you know how things work when I briefly explain this strat.
Ignore the Ranged Adds once again.
DPS pull, taking boss down to <90% before shield. After shield, DPS stay on boss.
Tank pick up melee adds, can either tank them or kite them – kiting would be nicer on the healer.
After you have got Siamat down to a level of health you are comfortable with burning in 10-15 seconds, kill all three melee adds.
This will break his shield and cause the wind knockback – you should recover with 10-15 seconds on the debuff left.
Nuke the boss down before the debuff wears off.

I know that was brief but I only included this method for those that were interested.

‘Strategy’ 3

This is how many people did the achievement before it was fixed a week or so after Cataclysm came out.
A Death Knight would pop Army of the Dead and then agro the boss, the taunts would keep the boss from casting his shield until the entire army was dead, by this time the DPS could take him down to ~40%.
The group could then do the fight normally and have no trouble killing the boss before the buff wore off.
It’s unfortunate that groups were able to essentially ‘skip’ the hardest achievement required for the drake, but they did complete every other achievement so it’s not like it was a hand out.

Halls of Origination 

I Hate That Song  

Achievement: Remove Temple Guardian Anhuur’s shield and interrupt Reverberating Hymn before 15 seconds have passed.
Difficulty: 2

Reverberating Hymn: Cast when Anhuur puts up his shield at 66% and 33%. Channeled and can only be interrupted after the shield has been removed. Does minor damage to the group.
Levers: There are two levers and each need to be channelled for 10 seconds to remove the shield.
Snake Pit: The snakes will agro onto the lever puller if no-one attacks them, they have very fast respawn timers.

Who you send where depends on your group composition.
We used a Blood Death Knight, Feral Druid, Balance Druid, Holy Paladin and Arcane Mage.
The easiest way to do this gives each player a specific role.

These roles are for when the boss puts his shield up.
Leave a member with an Interrupt up on the platform ready to interrupt the boss when the shield drops.
Have two members with AoE attacks (eg AE, DnD, Hurricane, Swipe) jump down moments before the boss puts his shield up (66% and 33%). One member jumping to each lever obviously, and there they should agro ~4 snakes that would otherwise hit the player channelling the lever.

Have the other two members jump down as soon as the shield is created and start channelling.
So long as the AoE members didn’t miss any snakes the shield should be down in 10-11 seconds, giving the interrupter plenty of time to interrupt.

Notes: As soon as Reverberating Hymn is interrupted, the boss will go after the tank. For this reason it is best to have either the tank interrupt or as one of the AoE players.
After grabbing initial agro on the snakes, the AoE players can run straight back up to the boss, the snakes will not drop off onto the channelling player at this time and will not respawn until killed.
This achievement is a little luck based as if one of the Pillar Beams fires on the channelling player, you have to reset or fail the achievement.
At the time of writing this achievement is bugged and even if you don’t interrupt for ~30 seconds it will be granted.

Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back  

Achievement: Finish the Earthrager Ptah fight mounted on your camel.
Difficulty: 1

Camel: You can pick these up before the two trash pulls before Ptah, however it is recommended you don’t do so until both trash pulls are dead as they can be killed by the trash.

This is a very easy fight that just boils down to DON’T STAND IN THE DUST.
The only thing that can dismount you (kill your camel) during the fight is the giant spikes Ptah summons around the arena. These spikes will one shot your camel however they are foreshadowed by a big dust cloud for a good ~5 or so seconds, making them easy to avoid.

Notes: The actual ‘point’ to the camels is to soak up a hit from the spikes if you get careless (this is what fails the achievement).
This achievement isn’t suppose to be hard, though if someone is having trouble with it, just let them run around during the fight without dpsing.
This is an individual achievement – so you could do this even in a PuG.

Faster Than the Speed of Light  

Achievement: Talk to Brann and defeat all four mini-bosses in 4 minutes and 40 seconds.
Difficulty: 3

The achievement: While the achievement leads you to believe you have 5 minutes to kill all the mini-bosses, you need to have ~20 seconds left when you kill the last one for the door to open and credit to be granted.
Water Boss: Will trap an individual in a bubble doing damage and CC’ing them, this needs to be killed ASAP.
Fire Boss: Channelled AoE that increases Fire Damage taken.
Earth Boss: Will do a straight line AoE, he indicates the direction by where he is facing while he begins the cast.
Air Boss: Summons a Cyclone that will launch players up if hit by it.

This is a very easy speed achievement, we managed to kill the last mini-boss with just over a minute to spare, the achievement being granted with just over 40 seconds left.
To make this even easier for your group, have everyone equipped with 4 Swiftness Potions, the theory is to pop one as soon as the door opens, and one after each mini-boss. However you won’t get ideal usage out of them as they should be on cooldown for a few seconds after each boss if your dps is what it needs to be.
DO NOT DPS the troggs until you are AT a boss, and try to avoid as many packs as you can, it is easier to take a slight detour than to kill another pack.
As far as a strategy goes for this achievement, I can only give pointers. Be fast, but not so fast as to be dangerous and have the tank die or a boss reset. Don’t be too cautious or you will get hit by trogg respawns.
For cooldowns, the Water Boss is (arguably) the most dangerous, followed by the Fire Boss. So have Heroism/Bloodlust activated for the Water Boss and the DPS players individual BIG cooldowns used on the Fire Boss. Tanks should bring the bosses to the top of the stairs when they’re about to die so the group is in position to set off again.
Other than that, just be smart about it, don’t get ahead of yourself – we did it with over 40 seconds to spare and managed that by being very calm about it.

Sun of a....  

Achievement: Defeat Rajh before he completes his Recharging Phase (Massive AoE).
Difficulty: 3

Recharging Phase: This is where Rajh runs to the middle of the room and starts to regain his focus. During this time he takes 100% more damage and deals a low damage AoE to the group. 20 second duration.
Inferno Leap: 1.5 second cast, there will be fire on the ground and enough time to run out before Rajh leaps to that location, killing anyone still there.
Summon Sun Orb: 3 second cast. Summons a Sun Orb that will slam to the ground shortly after being summoned. Damaging whoever is where it lands.

This achievement can be hard depending on your group.
First things first, you DO NOT need a Tank or Healer, however a healer is advisable for his AoE damage if you aren’t terribly well geared.
Rajh’s will begin his Recharging Phase once he reaches 0/100 Focus (he starts the fight at 100/100).
Each ability Rajh uses will use energy and the only way to pro-long the time before he begins recharging is to interrupt his spells.
There are two abilities that can be interrupted, Heroic Leap and Summon Sun Orb.

The exact order of his spells is considered RNG as there are definitely multiple sequences.
However using this Strategy you should be ready for whatever he throws at you.

Have two assigned interrupters, say a Mage interrupting first and a Rogue interrupting second.
1. When the first spell is being cast, if it is SUMMON SUN ORB DO NOT INTERRUPT, have the Mage interrupt the next casting time spell (most likely Inferno Leap) and the Rogue take the third (most likely Summon Sun Orb).
2. When the first spell is being cast, if it is Inferno Leap, have the Mage interrupt and the Rogue take the second interrupt.
This method seemed to get us two interrupts each time – however if you don’t get TWO interrupts, just run out and reset.

As for tanking position, the top of the stairs or even a little bit further down gives the max DPS time while the boss gets into position for his Recharging Phase.
Heroism/Bloodlust should be activated when the SECOND INTERRUPT goes off, so in my examples, when the rogue interrupts.
DPS cooldowns should be saved for when Rajh IS RECHARGING. As during this time he will take double damage.

Notes: This can be a hard achievement however if you use no tank or healer it becomes easy. We did it with a normal group T/H/D/D/D and downed him fine. Just make sure your interrupters know what’s going on.

Grim Batol 

Umbrage for Umbriss  

Achievement: Defeat General Umbriss while he has the Trogg Disease.
Difficulty: 2

Modgud’s Malice: The trogg disease – increases damage done by 50%. This is carried by the purple trogg and will spread to any trogg or even the boss if the infected trogg is killed nearby.
Troggs: These spawn in groups of 4 throughout the encounter, one of which being infected.

This strategy makes this achievement easy, just bring a class with a CC.
After engaging the boss 4 troggs will run in – one being infected (purple). Have your Mage sheep the infected trogg (substitute with any other CC). By keeping the infected trogg alive, no more infected troggs will spawn.
Have the DPS kill the normal troggs and any further groups of troggs to run in can be AoE’d down.
Fight the boss as normal, however at ~15% health have the tank bring the boss to the infected trogg. At ~10% health the DPS should kill the trogg, giving the boss the disease – increasing his damage by 50%. The Tank should pop his cooldowns now and the DPS can take him down in seconds.

Don’t Need to Break Eggs to Make an Omelet  

Achievement: Defeat Erudax without letting any Faceless Corruptor (the add) reach the eggs.
Difficulty: 2

Faceless Corruptor: 193,725 Health, CAN NOT be rooted, CAN be slowed.

Doing this achievement makes the fight easier, so it wouldn’t be surprising if your group already had this from doing the fight normally.
SLOWS. This achievement just depends on Slows. If you don’t have two classes that can slow, or a class that can slow two targets, you will not be able to do this achievement with current gear, not easily atleast.
After the boss does his AoE where everyone needs to stack in the “Eye of the Storm”, have your group head up to the door to the room where the two adds will now spawn.
Have slows put up on both targets straight away and burn one, then the other. Rinse and repeat and this is a very easy achievement. It isn’t worth doing without slows, possible slows are Frost Trap, Chains of Ice, Howling Blast (talented), Slow/Arcane Blast, Crippling Poison, Hamstring etc etc.
Notes: There isn’t much more to say about this achievement, just make sure your group knows what add they’re burning first (left or right).


Ready for Raiding  

Achievement: Do not get hit by the revolving beam of fire in the Glubtok fight.
Difficulty: 1

Fire Wall: The revolving beam of fire Glubtok summons during Phase 2. Can be jumped over – not recommended.

Another very easy achievement, this is an individual achievement so others in your group failing wont fail your own. Simply just move around with the beam so you don’t get hit by it – it travels at a constant speed so there should be no reason for this to be difficult.

Rat Pack  

Achievement: Kill 20 Mine Rats during the Helix Gearbreaker fight.
Difficulty: 1

Mine Rats: After the Lumbering Oaf (big guy) uses his Grab-n-Charge technicque on a player, 4-5 Mine Rats will spawn. 8 Health.

This doesn’t need to be completed in one visit, you can complete this over as many Deadmines runs as you want.
To kill the Mine Rats simply drop an AoE after the big guy rams a player into the pile of logs.

Prototype Prodigy  

Achievement: Don’t let the Prototype Reaper fall below 90% EVER.
Difficulty: 2

Prototype Reaper: Immune to Fire Damage, needed to control the adds during Foe Reaper 5000 Encounter. The boss itself is the only thing that can damage him.

DO NOT use the Prototype Reaper on the trash, dropping below 90% here counts towards failing the achievement.
This achievement is all about positioning. Have the tank pull the boss half-way up the ramp or further.
The Healer and Ranged DPS can stand near the bottom of the ramp and the player in the Prototype Reaper should be able to take care of the Fire Adds by himself.

Now just do the fight as normal and you will be given the achievement.

Notes: A wipe will fail the achievement for that lockout. Have someone who knows what they’re doing in the Prototype Reaper, the best way to learn is to do – so be patient and come back to this achievement after the player gets the hang of it if they are having trouble.

It’s Frost Damage  

Achievement: Allow three Freezing Vapors to cast Coalesce (big AoE) during the Admiral Ripsnarl fight.
Difficulty: 1

Coalesce: This is what the Freezing Vapors will cast when at their largest size, it takes 5 seconds to cast and will hit anyone in line of sight for ~100k+.
There’s two ways to do this achievement – one guarantees a wipe, the other just makes one highly likely.

Strategy 1:
If you have a Mage or Paladin, use this – yes you will wipe.
Do the fight as normal and at 75% when Ripsnarl disappears, run into the cabin.
DO NOT DPS the Vapors, however keep them targeted and when one of them is about to finish casting Coalesce (5 second cast, so wait until near the end), have your Mage use Ice Block or your Paladin use Bubble.
The Vapors should explode, killing everyone except the Mage/Paladin – and when three Vapors have exploded, everyone will be granted the achievement aslong as ONE player is still alive. Hence the need for Ice Block/Bubble.
Ofcourse after Ice Block and Bubble wear off, the Ripsnarl or the adds will kill them – but you have your achievement.

Strategy 2:
Do the fight as normal and at 75% have everyone bar the Tank and Healer run BEHIND the cabin.
Have the Tank gather up the Vapors and when one is ~half way through casting Coalesce – the Tank and Healer should run back around out of line of sight to where the DPS are hiding.
The only trouble with this method is it’s very easy for it to go wrong and one Vapor to get in line of sight of the group. Especially when you are trying to recover after getting the achievement.

Notes: The best thing to do with either Strategy is to wipe it up after getting the achievement – it will be much easier to restart than to recover in Strategy 2.

I’m on a Diet  

Achievement: Don’t click on the Bad Green Food during the Cookie fight.
Difficulty: 1

Nauseated: The debuff given when you click on the bad food. Getting more than 1 stack of this will fail the achievement.

This achievement is as simple as they come.
Good food has a white circle around it and gives an insane stacking haste buff.
Bad food has green swirlying AoE stuff around it and fails your achievement.
Click the Good Food, DO NOT click the Bad Food.

Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator  

Achievement: Agro Vanessa within 5 minutes of getting poisoned with the pre-Nightmare Elixir poison.
Difficulty: 4

Achievement: Whilst the achievement says within 5 minutes of getting the Nightmare Elixir, the timer actually begins when you get the 10 second stun BEFORE the Nightmare Elixir.

This achievement is easy normally if you don’t stand in obvious things and is gimpable.
Glubtok: After freeing yourself from the forge – jump over the edge of the platform and run towards the door that leads to the next zone. Provided everyone does this ASAP, no one will get hit by the fire.
Have the Tank pick up Glubtok as soon as he spawns, he does nothing special – all you need to watch out for is the fire and the Hodir-style Frost AoE.

Helix: Once Glubtok dies have everyone stack in the corner next to the door. Have your Tank pick up Helix as soon as he becomes attackable. Helix again does nothing special however there are infinitly respawning Spiders. DO NOT attack the spiders, if any agro let the Tank pick them up. Have the DPS just burn the boss and the Spiders will despawn.

Foe Reaper 5000: Once Helix dies DO NOT run through the door. Wait until you see all the AoEs spawn. It isn’t difficult to get through here, and while possible to complete if a DPS dies – it will make it much much harder. Once at the end of the gauntlet kill the Foe Reaper, he does nothing notable either.

Ripsnarl: There are two ways to do this, one gimps the achievement but I will list both.
Ripsnarl 1: Once the door opens, DO NOT engage the worgen. Let them kill the NPC and you will wipe. Run back into the instance and take the teleporter to the ship. You will see that Ripsnarls event has despawned and you can go straight to Vanessa. Hit her once and everyone will be granted the achievement.
Ripsnarl 2: When the Foe Reaper 5000 dies, have a Rogue pick the door, or an Engineer Blow it up, or a BS use a skeleton key. You should be able to get to where the first pack spawns before it does so. Make sure your healer keeps the NPC up and DPS just burn the worgen.
It ISN’T worth mounting up after the first pack, but IT IS worth mounting up after the second pack.
When the last worgen gets low on health have the healer sprint up to hit Vanessa when she spawns.

Notes: Rogue/Engineer/Blacksmith gives very valuable seconds. Swiftness Potions are great for saving more of those valuable seconds. DO NOT try to kite the worgen to save time as they constantly run back to the NPC to hit them a couple of times.

Shadowfang Keep 

Pardon Denied  

Achievement: Don’t let Baron Ashbury use his AoE Heal during his encounter.
Difficulty: 2

Stay of Execution: The AoE Heal, it will be cast immediately after strangling everyone in the party.

This is an easy achievement so long as your healer can handle it.
As soon as your party gets strangled the interrupters should be ready. Once you are released the interrupter must watch to interrupt almost instantly. It may be better for high-latency interrupters to hit their interrupt early but we had no problem with >400ms. Interrupting this heal will prevent the boss from healing the group at all so the Healer will have to be fast to bring everyone up again.
Rinse and repeat this whenever he strangles and you will have the achievement.

Notes: If your healer is having trouble, come back with better gear. Also if you have multiple interrupting classes, assign one to the achievement, another to the boss's Mend Rotten Flesh ability and another to interrupt his Pain and Suffering attack.

To the Ground!  

Achievement: Don’t let any adds give Unholy Empowerment to Commander Springvale.
Difficulty: 2

Unholy Empowerment: Cast by the adds, gives Commander Springvale a stack of the buff “Unholy Power”

Strategy 1:
I recommend this Strategy if you have two Tanking classes.
Was going to upload a screenshot but I'll have to explain without
There is a hallway before the bosses room, this hallway ajoins a second hallway at a right angle.
Have the healer standing directly on the corner so he can reach both hallways
Have DPS waiting back in the hallway furthest from the bosses room.
The Off-Tank will agro the boss and run him back to the hallway with the DPS.
There are two adds with the boss and another two spawn on a timer in the two doorways to the boss room(30 seconds? not 100% sure).
The Main-Tank will agro the adds and keep them in the hallway closest to the bosses room - this way line-of-sight is broken and the Main-Tank can pick up the extra adds long before they get to the boss.
DPS just burn the boss and the achievement will be granted when he dies - this Strategy makes the achievement really really easy.

Strategy 2:
If you have no second tank but have a CC, use this Strategy. KEEP INTERRUPTS UP.
With the boss pull – Tank the boss where he stands and Shackle or Death Grip one of the adds while you burn the other, once one add dies, burn the other one quickly after. This is the hardest part of the achievement.
After the initial pull adds will spawn in pairs, one from each doorway.
Have the DPS ready to burn one while the other gets some form of CC, once one is dead burn the other. Rinse and repeat this method.
The main thing for this Strategy is to make sure neither add gets an Unholy Empowerment cast off – so interrupters need to stay alert.

Notes: If possible, go with Strategy 1 – there is no possibility for failure from missing interrupts, it’s just a safer method.

Bullet Time  

Achievement: Kill Lord Godfrey after having him kill 12 Bloodthirsty Ghouls with Pistol Barrage.
Difficulty: 3

Pistol Barrage: This is the Cone AoE the boss casts after summoning Ghouls. THIS ABILITY SOMETIMES BUGS AND WON’T DAMAGE THE GHOULS. If that happens, just wipe it up and reset.

There should be no problem with this achievement so long as you position yourself correctly and don’t get a bugged version.
Again I was going to explain this with a screenshot... oh well
Have the tank keep the boss at the bottom of the staircase that lead to the boss.
Make sure the boss faces across the opening so any ghouls that try to go up the stairs will get hit by his Pistol Barrage.
Have the Healer and Ranged DPS stand on the stairs - not too close to the wall though or the ghouls can bug.
The boss will summon ghouls and then charge up (2 seconds) his Pistol Barrage - at this time Melee DPS and the Tank should run up the stairs to the Healer and Ranged.
The Ghouls will run up through the Pistol Barrage, and so long as you don’t have a bugged version – they will get one-shot.
Just keep doing this and by the time the boss dies you will easily have 12 Ghouls.

Notes: If any Ghouls survive after the Pistol Barrage phase, kill them ASAP – they have a stacking bleed. Healer/Ranged need to be careful not to stand too close to the wall as Ghouls can bug and try to attack them through that rather than running through the Pistol Barrage.

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Merki keig donc comme prévus tu nous fais la traduction pour demain hein ^^

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Merki hachwar au moins un qui fait son boulot !!

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Personnellement je comprend parfaitement la stratégie en anglais, et honnêtement même en ayant pas un anglais parfait y a possibilité de saisir la majorité de ce qui est écrit !

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Je sais keig je rigole, c'est de l'humour ahahahaha !!!!!
et je te fais caca sur ton visage au passage

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